Build a strong leadership team for mission success.

Pastors: the stakes of your mission are too important to go at it alone - you need a strong leadership team. But how do you choose the members? How do you structure the meetings? Where do you start?

Let leadership expert Pat Lencioni teach you everything you need to know.

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Meet your new coach
Pat Lencioni

Let six-time bestselling author, internationally acclaimed business expert, and lifelong passionate Catholic Pat Lencioni teach you the secrets of how to build a strong parish leadership team to help your parish succeed.

From Southwest Airlines to Ford Motors, Pat has coached Fortune 500 business leaders for over two decades and has guided hundreds of pastors to improve organizational health in their parishes through the Amazing Parish apostolate.

Learn 100% online, on your time

Your time is very valuable. Make the most of it.  This groundbreaking 2-hour training is available on-demand and 100% online through Revive Parishes and Amazing Parish.

Spend less time in lengthy webinars or on expensive trips to conferences and invest your energy in training on your schedule. The video-based course is broken down into bite-size chapters and each section includes a downloadable guide to help you process what you've watched.

Love the course? Share it with your new leadership team to get everyone on the same page, using the discussion guide with the group. It's that simple.

Through this 2 hour training, you will gain:

  • The clarity on how to form, support, and energize a parish leadership team to support the pastor and take your parish to the next level
  • A foundational understanding of organizational health, a key element to improving your parish
  • A deep dive into some of Pat Lencioni’s timeless principles for organizational health, including the three virtues of the ideal team player and the five dysfunctions of a team
  • Real-life stories, proven principles, and insights into building a healthy culture in your leadership team

" Great Course. Every parish must use this course for parish revival and organizational effectiveness. Concepts of a culture of prayer, teamwork are essential. Loved it."

Fr. Steve in Ohio

"This course really fired me up and enabled me to see a path that would lead to big changes and improvements in my parish. I've recommended it to my entire team"

Fr. Rilando in Texas

"It was great to see validation of the things we were doing intuitively that had borne fruit (culture of prayer), and great to see a roadmap of areas for growth."

Fr. Chuck in California

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