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Start here to get an overview of Revive Parishes

if you haven't watched our 30-minute webinar overview of Revive Parishes for pastors, start here! We cover lots of important topics including:

  • The problems Revive solves in your parish
  • Who Revive is for and how it works
  • How to get started and use the platform
  • How training can transform your parish

Table of Contents

This page is designed to give you everything you need to use Revive to successfully train your parish leaders online.

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The 10 Minute Launch Plan

Revive Parishes is online training for your parish leaders, but how do you get started? Who should be trained? How should they get access? This ten-minute guide will give you everything you need to know to get started.

This plan incorporates best practices, feedback we have received, and the most common success stories we've heard from leaders using Revive Parishes over the last 12 months.

Key Steps to the Plan

  • Identify the problem you want to solve
  • Identify the leaders you want to train
  • Decide on a method to roll it out
  • Invite the leaders to use Revive
  • Take the content to the next level through engagement

We have provided a selection of common problems and themes with recommendations and audiences below:

I want my leaders to understand discipleship and evangelization better.

Recommended Courses:

Discipleship with Juliann Stanz

Recommended Audience: Any leader in the parish, especially DRE or direct evangelization staff and their volunteer ministers.

We want to minister more effectively to young people within our parish boundaries.

Recommended Courses:

Recommended Audience: Direct evangelization/formation staff like Youth Minister and DRE plus their volunteers. Also excellent for clergy.

We need to raise money to increase our mission at the parish.

Recommended Courses:

Recommended Audience: Pastor, Director of Stewardship/Development, finance council members, capital campaign committee members

We want to focus more (as a parish) on evangelization and mission.

Reccomended Course:

Recommended Audience: Pastor, clergy, leadership team, pastoral advisory council members

There are more courses available on Revive than those listed above! These are just some of the most popular. View all courses here and feel free to ask in the chat below for specific recommendations for which course for your leaders.

How to Roll Out the Courses

Individual Leaders

Invite one leader to take a course and learn from the presenter. An example of this is to ask the youth minister to take the courses listed above to learn more about ministering to young people. Ask the leader to complete it in a certain amount of time (one month, for example) and then meet with them to hear more about what they have learned. This method is great for new hires, new council members, or new volunteer onboards.

The Entire Staff

Invite all of your staff members to take one course over a set period of time. Schedule 2-3 short meetings to have a round-table discussion (using the provided guide in each course) to process and talk through what they have learned. This method is very powerful for staff unity and getting everyone on the same page.

Small Group of Leaders

Invite a group of leaders to take a Revive course together. For example, ask the youth minister and his/her volunteer leaders to take the courses listed above and then talk about/process what they have learned using the provide questions for discussion. This can be done via Zoom or in person. This method is a great way to connect a staff member and their volunteers around a specific topic.

The Self Serve Model

Send out an email or Flocknote message to all staff and volunteer leaders and invite them to join Revive and explore for themselves, choosing whatever courses they are interested in and learning online. This is the easiest method to roll out but often is the least effective because it does not create unity.

Full List of Revive Courses

Evangelization 101
with Chris Stefanick

Discipleship 101
with Julianne Stanz

Parish Leadership Teams
with Pat Lencioni

Advancing the Mission of the Church
Cande de Leon

Millennials and Generation Z
with Katie Prejean McGrady

Effective Parish Communications
with Dan Rogers

with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Stewardship 101
with Tracy Early Welliver

Loving and Serving the Poor
with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, CFR

with Cande de Leon

Parish Renewal
with Tim Glemkowski

Youth Ministry 101
Mark Hart

Effective Women's Ministry in the Parish
Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Ministry in Culturally Diverse Parishes
Luis Soto

And more courses coming soon!

Promoting Revive in your parish

You've selected a course or group of leaders to train, now how do you get the word out? Use the tips and strategies below to get your team using Revive!


Share the link to Sign Up

Invite your leaders to register for Revive Parishes by simply sharing reviveparishes.com or reviveparishes.com/free - it's that simple!


Share the Link to a Specific Course

Want to direct your leaders to sign up or take a certain course? You can send them a direct link to that course via email, Flocknote, or other means. The links to each course are listed on the bottom of this page.


Share the Revive Intro Video

Online learning and the idea of courses can be hard to understand. Invite your leaders, staff, or team to watch a short video explaining Revive Parishes. Click here to view the video and share it via email or social media.

Sample Email to Staff or Leaders

"I am excited to share a new formation opportunity designed to help you learn and grow in ministry called Revive Parishes. Revive is an online academy of video courses from top experts in the Church with courses created specifically for parish staff and volunteers. Each course is designed to help you learn new skills, strategies, and to encourage you in your work for our parish. Visit reviveparishes.com to sign up and be sure to (start with/take) the following course first: _______."

Direct Links to Revive Courses
Short links to easily share a Revive course

Contact the Revive Team

Questions? Comments? We want to hear from you! Get in touch with our team via email at hello@reviveparishes.com or by clicking the chat button to the right of this message!

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